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VE TDI Injector Differences

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Looking at my AHU engine, I note that the injectors are the same as an ALH with a standard transmission. The ALH with an automatic use a different injector and IP.

Does anyone know if they are interchangeable? What is the reason for them being different based on transmission?

They should all be interchangeable. I'd say auto tranny cars felt sluggish so they added some fuel to make them a bit snappier.
Mk4 style VE pumps are not interchangeable, at least not bolt on

Tornado Red:
I think the small nozzles on the automatic ALH's was to reduce torque and protect the transmissions.

I couldn't tell you what the exact reasoning is, but I know I have read multiple places that the automatic trans cars came with the bigger 11 mm injection pump, but smaller injectors, and the manual trans cars came with the smaller 10 mm injection pump, but bigger injectors...

^^^that is correct^^^

Some people match the manual injectors with the automatic pump for a performance boost.


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