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Eating timing belts

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--- Quote from: Ibuprofen on January 16, 2019, 04:02:50 am ---Are you referring to the holes at the IP/bracket interface
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--- Quote ---or the bracket/block interface?
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--- Quote ---Sounds like the IP/bracket interface.
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--- Quote ---I am thinking I can either:

1. Slot the holes in the bottom of the injection pump bracket such that it can slide further towards the flywheel side of the engine, concern being the bracket won't stay-put long term.
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No, no, no...  Reread my posts.  You do *not* want the bracket to move toward the flywheel.  That will only change where the belt rides on the IP sprocket which is not the source of the belt wear.  You need the belt to track toward the engine at the CRANKSHAFT.  You need to ROTATE the bracket relative to the mounting surface of the block.  The sprocket side needs to go DOWN and the injection line side of the pump needs to move UP.  I'm not sure how to make that more clear. 

--- Quote ---2. Add some sort of spacer(s)/washers between the injection pump body and the injection pump bracket, concern being this is too janky or not enough surface area connecting the two components. Writing this I recall having a sheet of stainless that I should measure the thickness of.
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Nope.  Again that might could change the position of the belt on the IP sprocket but do nothing to address the actual issue that is chewing up the belt.

--- Quote ---3. Machine the IP hub so it's thinner.
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Same thing.  It won't help prevent the actual issue.

To be clear VW actually released a service bulletin specifically stating the procedure I have outlined for adjusting belt tracking.  Bad belt tracking so the belt rides off the front of the crankshaft and wears against the crank  pulley is a COMMON and well-known problem, and the cure is also well-known.  The belt tracking needs to be adjusted as I've outlined EVERY TIME the injection pump bracket is removed from the block or any time the tracking is off. 

This is apparently the bulletin: https://workshop-manuals.com/volkswagen/jetta/l4-1.9l_dsl_turbo_%28aaz%29/engine_cooling_and_exhaust/engine/drive_belts_mounts_brackets_and_accessories/ribbed_belt_-_drive_belt/component_information/technical_service_bulletins/all_technical_service_bulletins_for_ribbed_belt/1597-01/jun/97/mfi_pump_drive_belt_runs_towards_outside_wears_jumps/

I find it hard to believe simply pushing on one side of the bracket (no shims) and torquing the bolts is enough but I'll give it a go.

You push DOWN on A and lift UP on B to get the belt to track closer to the engine.  I've adjusted belt tracking in this manner on ~10 1.6, 1.6TD, 1.9TD and 1.9TDI engines.  It certainly works.  It's a little bit weird, to have described exactly how to adjust the tracking multiple times and to have you come back and proclaim your disbelief that the adjustment in the manner described can work.  Great, use shims if you want.  I'm done. 

Yeah, I get it. I think my confusion was due to looking at the engine at 50 degrees, down and up being relative terms.

Thanks for the help.


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