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TDI Didn't Benefit From Tune


Got my TDI tuned by Malone stage 3 and having some problems.

Car is quick when you first get going but quickly loses power and blows a hell of a lot of smoke after about 2k rpm (worse then a big rig) and is extremely slow and sluggish.

I think it was quicker before.

Currently my setup is DLC764 injectors the stage 3 tune with 2.5-3inch exhaust.

Turbo spikes up to 21psi then sustains 15psi which is exactly the same as before except I didn't have such high spikes. After it goes to its sustained psi it smokes like crazy.

Is there something I need to tweak in Vagcom?

I was even expecting after tune to have clutch slip because I pulled 3000 pounds behind this car and had the clutch slipping at times so you'd think the clutch would slip after tune but it isn't.

Any help is greatly appreciated I've tinkered with diesels for years now and was expecting to compete with my brothers m-TDI but it's not even close.

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