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1991 VW Golf GTD intercooler

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Hi guys, i'm new on but i've been into vw's for about 10 years now.

My first car was a golf mk2 GTI, i've had it for about 10 years now and fully restored it. Secondly I've bought a mk2 GTD, as a daily.

Bought in august 2013, I was working at a VW dealership at the time:

Gradually I started fixing it up as a low cost project; fixing the fog lights, giving it a polish, lot's of touch up paint, new interior, restored the heaterbox, bought wheels, lowering, painted the roof and hood etc etc, she was looking good and OEM:

it then got stolen... :o

However through sheer luck the cops found it 2 days later, damaged and abused, partly disassembled...

this is part of the roof that got painted 2 week before:

I then found some sebring wheels, which I had sandblasted and painted myself:

Radio got stolen so found this as a replacement, looks pretty period correct. And yes, boostgauge...

Hood got scratched aswell and got repainted, so picture of the engine:

It was looking pretty decent now:

Found a perfect GTI windscreen so replaced my scratched one:

at this point the headgasket failed (340 000km).

So a donor car(low mileage, OE replacement engine at 100k) was bought for the AAZ swap:

the engine was taken out of the Seat

and a new project was started...

The GTD was stripped for engine replacement:

cleaning it up, degrease, derust,prime, paint, repeat:

So I put new stuff in it, 22mm masterbrakecylinder, new coolantreservoir, new dieselfilter, PAS bracket. Also did some wiring, moded the coolant reservoirbracket so the wiechers strut bar would fit.

Wiechers strut braces:

rebuild shift mechanism:

polybush fitting on new wishbones:

new clutch fitted on the aaz:

fitted the gearbox and a new starter:

made quit a bit of progress today, rebuild the subframe, new A-arms, all new bushings, shiftmechanism completely rebuild:

aligment of the shifter:

Wiechers brace in the trunk:

Engine in after loads of mods done to it:

-new turbo, OE KKK watercooled
-new crankpully
-new crankpullybolt
-new gaskets on intake/exhaust
-new belts
-dieselpump clocked
-custom oil return line
-some other minor things

KW suspension, PU bushes, PAS steering, ATE powerdiscs, ferodo DS2500 pads, rebuild calipers, all new endlinks etc etc

spent loads of time polishing and waxing

bought more parts

redid the frontclip, painted gloss black, new lock + catch, new stickers, bolts etc, nice and new.

Dynamatted the entire car, expensive but worth the money.

cars and coffee

got married in this car


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