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1Z constant white smoke

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You need vag-com for timing the TDIs. 

Fix the fuel leak, double-check that the cam timing is spot on, double-check the pump timing.

I scanned the following codes and have gathered some info on what they are.

P0380 Glow plug fault
P1619 Glow plug relay fault
P1144 MAF ??
P1258 Coolant temp short ??
P1161 Intake air temp ??

I’m thinking these may be pointing to to my issue. The fuel “leak” I found was because I tried to bleed air out of the injectors and it ran down lol

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Ran a clear lines from the filter to the pump and discovered tons of bubbles coming into the pump. I ran a clear line from the filter to a bottle of fuel and a clear line from the return back to the bottle. I eliminated bubbles coming in but the return line is full of tiny bubbles. Stopping the air coming in greatly reduced the white smoke, yet there is still a small amount. I haven't looked any closer into the codes. I really need to bite the bullet and buy a laptop and VCDS.

So, what does the smoke smell like?  Sweet like coolant, like diesel, or like oil?

Or is this problem already sorted and you didnt reply because of people like me who werent here and didnt reply because we didnt see the post?

Just wondering...



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