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Smoked a Cummins truck


 I was sitting at a light in the VNT Rabbit.
 This is before i had a controller I liked so I had a knob on the dash that shut the turbo off or turned it on.
 A hopped-up cummins pickup pulled up behind me.
 I shut the turbo off and when the light turned red I floored it, left a huge cloud of smoke behind me then pulled the lever and blasted off.
 Well there was a long center turn lane up ahead and he decided to use it to pass me on the left,.. his tailpipe was on the right.
 He smoked me out so bad I couldn't even see the road.
 I tried to zip around him and get him again but I was on vegy and the filter was a little clogged.
 I got a phone call from my friend when I got home asking if I just smoked out his friend, ha.
 Then I was passing out flyers in my town, doing battle against the city council and this guy asks me if that was me.
 The guy moved 2 blocks from me.. we had a good laugh.

In this town I would be afraid to smoke someone out sitting at a red light.  They might get out and do damage to you or your car.  Maybe even push you into traffic. 

Maybe you meant the light turned green? 

Oh yeah, I didn't smoke him until the light turned green then pulled the turbo lever and took off.


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