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VNT Turbo Vane Position at Various Stages of Boost

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Here's the actual numbers - I'm quite actively tuning at the moment but these are getting close... 204 = 80% duty cycle on the N75 valve = vanes fully closed. Any value below 60 is vanes fully open - they don't start to move until about a 20-25% duty cycle.

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Well I'm not the most familiar with reading these MAPS but I can say from the limited experience I do have it looks like you are well on your way! Especially in your cruising range. I'll have to take some time and dwell on these a bit. Lots of good info crammed into those charts. Thanks for sharing! Is your manual VNT controller more of a "libby type" mechanical system (ie. springs, rods, and cams) or do you have more of vacuum/pressure system? I'm trying to design mine with as few adjustments as possible (without compromising ability to properly adjust of course). Otherwise I'll be tinkering with the darn thing for the rest of my life!!

I still dont know what that turbo is. Trim numbers dont mean much without knowing what family of turbo it is because trim is just a ratio between the inducer and exducer diameters of a wheel.

If you know what family of turbo it is, trim numbers mean something because USUALLY the exducer diameter is the same and you can work backwards from that.

So is it something like a t3 or t4?  A lot of turbos are t3 turbine and t4 compressor "hybrids" so it could be something like that as well.


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