Author Topic: MK1 Rabbit 2 Door with 1.6TD Swap  (Read 1027 times)

August 08, 2017, 04:40:38 pm


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MK1 Rabbit 2 Door with 1.6TD Swap
« on: August 08, 2017, 04:40:38 pm »

Up for sale is my 84 Volkswagen Rabbit. It was my daily drive for almost 3 years and was then retired to project status when I bought a new car. Unfortunately with life and a 1 year old son around, I don't believe I'll ever really get to finish this project. I took some things apart and was beginning to prep the car for paint when my Son was born and I haven't done too much to it since. I start it up every once in awhile and take it for a trip around the block, but I'd like to see it go to someone who will put the time in to finish this project and enjoy the car.

I've put a massive amount of work into the car over the past few years, and unfortunately the last bit to finish it up and really let her shine was fixing the exterior and I never got the chance to do it. Perhaps for the right buyer and the right price I could be persuaded to finish the body work, have the car painted and even address any other concerns someone might have. However for low-ball offers the car will definitely be offered in an AS-IS state. The car has around 150,000 miles on the chassis with slightly more on the engine swap. The car is VERY fun to drive and sounds amazing.

That being said, the one major mechanical issue I know of is not even really an issue: The build of the engine has far exceeded the stock clutches capabilities to hold torque. The car slips pretty bad in upper gears as boost comes on. I could de-tune the car by lowering the fuel amount and the clutch would hold fine: or for the right price I could put an upgraded 8V Gasser clutch setup in the car. The car is drive-able as is and could be taken home this weekend.

This community helped me build and maintain this car and has more than taken care of me. One of the best forums I've ever been a part of. I would absolutely love if someone from this community could pick this car up and I'll be much more lenient with one of you guys than with the random craigslisters.

I have far more money in this car than I'm asking, but no reasonable offer will be refused. $2500 OBO

1988 Jetta 1.6TD Turbo Longblock swapped in with 180k Miles (roughly 195k now)
ARP Headstuds
Bosche Duratherm Glow Plugs
New Headgasket, Timing Belt, Waterpump, and Idlers
New Valve Cover Gasket
G60 Valve Cover Wrinkle Black with Polished VW Logo
VNT-15 Turbo from 2001 Jetta (Low Miles ZERO shaft play when installed) @16PSI
28x7x2.5 Bar & Plate Intercooler
Custom Intercooler and Intake Piping (2" For minimal Lag)
Gasser Intake Manifold with Custom welded TB adapter for Diesel (These flow much better)
Rotated VNT15 Stock Open Downpipe
New Oil Pan with AN -10 Oil Drain
Custom Stainless Braided Oil feed and return lines
Slim Radiator Fan mounted in Stock Shroud
Governor Mod
Timing Advance and Fuel Screw adjusted for EGT and Performance
New 90 Amp Alternator Installed
AGM Advance Auto Platinum Battery
New (upgraded) Postive and Negative Battery Cables and Posts

Auber Instruments EGT Gauge in custom Dash mount
52mm Boost Gauge mounted in Custom Speaker Grill
SunPro Water Temp, Oil Pressure and Voltage
VDO Oil Temp, Oil Pressure and Voltage in GTI center shifter surround(not hooked up)

New Ball Joints
New Inner/Outer Tie Rods
New JOM Blueline Coilovers
New Shifter Bushings
New HD Lower Control Arm Bushings
New Motor Mounts
New Axles
New Parking Brake Cables

9.4" Vented GTI Brakes with upgraded ceramic pads (car stops NOW)
New Pads on rear Drums
15x7 KMC Wheels refinished in BBS Racing Gold with a polished lip
Federal Formoza FD1 165/50 R15
10mm hubcentric Spacers fitted up front to clear Coilover setup

Cabriolet "Clipper" Kit (uninstalled right now, missing Front Bumper Cover)
Round Headlight Core
Cabriolet 4 Round Grill with Genuine Hella driving lights

Mk1 Scirocco Seats
PlastiDipped Lower Dash Panels
Stripped Rear interior
No Radio
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'84 Rabbit Diesel- 1.6D Stock

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Re: MK1 Rabbit 2 Door with 1.6TD Swap
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Are you in the SLC area?

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Re: MK1 Rabbit 2 Door with 1.6TD Swap
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I'm guessing SLC is Salt Lake City which unfortunately I'm pretty far away from. I'm located in Fredericksburg VA.
'84 Rabbit Diesel- 1.6D Stock

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Re: MK1 Rabbit 2 Door with 1.6TD Swap
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still for sale?