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Oil Pressure Delay?

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Hello all, long time lurker but first poster here on the site.

I've recently installed a rebuilt mTDI AHU into my vanagon but I've noticed something and I'm wondering if this is typical behavior. When I start up the engine it takes about 5 seconds before I start to see oil pressure on my pressure gauge. During this time the engine sound changes from louder to quieter as the pressure builds. Is this typical?

I tried to post a link to a video of this but I get the message "Sorry, you are not allowed to post external links."

Here is a video showing what I am describing: youtube.com/watch?v=FU-FoxOSbqU

I also drive a Mercedes 300SD turbo diesel and the oil system builds pressure nearly immediately after starting.


That looks normal to me.  Vanagon?  If so, then that is a looong run for a mechanical gauge.  If you have any air in the line it will slow the gauge reaction time.  When the oil is cold it will also seriously slow the reaction time. 

Could you clarify if that gauge is mechanical or electric with a senor on the engine.  But honestly that isn't a big wait.  The injectors take longer than that to warm up and they quiet down much later on my Rabbit.  Maybe I need to rebuild them.  Delay would be explained better if a mech gauge.  You can bleed some of the air out of the line if you want by cracking the nut on the back of the gauge once it it running.  Just remember to have a cloth under it and only crack it ever so slightly to get some oil out.  That might improve the delay. 

How are the pressure numbers?  That is the important part.

Welcome to the Forum by the way.  Good to have the lurkers become registered members. 

Thanks for the responses. That is an electric gauge.

I think my engine has low oil pressure from some of the numbers I've read on the interwebs and was hoping maybe this was unusual and potentially an indication of something. Once the oil is warm I see somewhere around 10psi per 1k rpm. I don't have the tach setup yet so I'm not certain but I haven't seen pressure above 30psi with warm oil.

Because the engine is a rebuild, is there any recommended path forward other than doing a bearing replacement on the crank and intermediate shafts? I suppose I could try just the intermediate shaft but the amount of work it takes to get everything out I may as well just keep going and do all the bearings?


Where is your gauge sender located? If it is in the head then your numbers are typical. If it's in the oil filter flange then you may have some issues.

It takes about 5 seconds for pressure to stabilize on my electric gauge mounted to the head on my AHU too.

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