Author Topic: 1.6TD JR, blue smoke, uses oil  (Read 676 times)

June 19, 2017, 07:53:49 pm


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1.6TD JR, blue smoke, uses oil
« on: June 19, 2017, 07:53:49 pm »
So, I've already had questions regarding this car. I've got it for a year now, always wanted to tune it do under 10s 0-60 MPH, but always end up distracted by a problem.

Few months before i got it, the engine had this done:

piston rings (don't know if both compression and oil or one of them)
1 piston (had bad oil squirter, melted)
main bearings
machined head

It ran pretty bad, didn't pull as it should have, was noisy and knocking a lot, it used some oil.

october 2016:

I took the turbo off, it had lots of radial play, but didn't touch the housing.
- intake hose had some oil in it, enough to drip, pcv hose blows air when running but seemingly no oil

I swapped the turbo with another one with noticeably less play.
- while doing the swap, i warped the oil pan drain from turbo, it's a tad flat bend.
-"new" turbo spooled a bit faster (still same k14)
- oil and filter change
- it leaksa bit of oil at oil supply screw and drain screw, i tried to tighten it but it still leaks a bit. not enough to drip under car, never leaves oil stains..

november 2016:
drove the car few hundred miles before police pulled me and took my plates.

january 2017:
-registered the car, drove it a few days, IP piston broke, pump was loosened.
-fixed the pump
-needed to add about 0.5 liters of oil since change in october.

march 2017:

-done about a 1500 miles, put in another 0.5L
-did a compression test: 460-450-435-505 (#4, the one that failed had 505)
-tested injectors, they were crappy ones, setup to 140bar, changed it to Bosch ones, setup to 155bar, great spray pattern.

july 2017:
-another ~2000 miles, needed more that 0.5L of oil.

Car runs great, starts nicely, pulls pretty good for stock fueling, only has 2.5" turbo back exhaust.
I drive it nearly every day for 20-30 miles, since oil change i did 4500 miles tops, and it used more than 2L of oil.

It smokes blueish smoke.  >:( >:( >:(
It's sometimes visible at daylight when idling, leaves a cloud at take off, at WOT (take off or idle revving or downshift) it will firstly puff out blueish smoke then turn black.
At night when car behind me lights up my rear, i can see it puffing blueish all the time, i leave a trail of smoke at take off, only clears if im going fast enough, doesnt stop in slow traffic. it increases with accelerating from stand still with increasing throttle untill smoke turns black.
It drives me nuts.
Stanging in traffic or stoplight puffing smoke, leaving trails at slow take off, having to check oil level every 1-2 tanks of diesel.
I'd very much like to turn up the fuel, boost pin, boost to about 15psi but I'm afraid it'll blow up after short time.

Should i look for another turbo? Rebuilding the turbo would cost me a lot and i can't really justify the cost as car itself is 1000$
Are valve stem seals shot? They werent done when head was off.
Im looking for help to point out the cause of smoke and imho excessive oil consumption. I would prefer if i didn't have to spend a fortune to get rid of it...if problem is internal ill just drive it as is till i get something TDI powered.

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