Author Topic: Timing AFN hub, nozzle size, IM shaft bearing  (Read 630 times)

February 05, 2017, 11:37:37 am


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Timing AFN hub, nozzle size, IM shaft bearing
« on: February 05, 2017, 11:37:37 am »
I am building a mTDI to go into a Volvo 745-88
Details: AHU motor
Pump: 460 424 138 VE4/12F 1900 R693 from VW LT  (AGK) motor
Turbo: gt 2052v. VNT control will be Libby style, mechanical. Will go Arduino when ready made kits are available.
Standard Volvo gasser A/A intercooler.
It will be my daily driven car so reliability is most important. Hp comes second hand, but round 150 hp should be nice.
At the moment build is stopped cause I don't knew what route to go.

The keyed AHU pulley or the heavy non keyed AFN? pulley. I have seen people taking weight out of this pulley but there is a reason why vw made it heavy! It evens out the pulses from the pump injections and gives a longer cam belt life.
There is on,36589.0.html   #6  Libbys explanation how to time the non keyed AFN hub on a LR pump. Is it done in the same way on my LT pump? Any suggestions?

Suggestions on nozzle size?

I am seaching for front IM shaft bearing Clevite SH-1209s. They seem unavailable here in Europe and on Ebay US they ask  $50 freight to EU included - way too much.
Many people has written about problems with this bearing - there is a reason, its a bad design by VW! My motor only have 56000km and bearing was worn 0.25 mm on the loaded side.
Its well explained by JaysinSpaceman on  #170
I will follow his remedy.
Sorry for my bad school english.
Bo Gunnar
edit: Re timing AFN hub. There is no threaded hole to lock the shaft on this pump.
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