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Golf 1.6NA 1983


Hi Guys!

My name is Jan and I live in the Netherlands.
Last week I bought a Golf Diesel, not my first Volkswagen but it is my first diesel.
I really love this car especially the sound of the diesel engine.
Came across this forum and tought it was cool with all the enthousiast and tips'n'tricks so I signed up.

This is my Golf, it's a 1.6N/A from 1983, Mostly stock.
The front seats are a bit worn, and the exterior has a little bit of rust.
But overal it's a good car and i'm very happy with it.

Im looking around for a turbo diesel and test drove a Golf today at McGraths Liverpool. Stamped across the inside of the fuel cap was "Do not use biodiesel". The salesman said it applied to all TDI models in Aust. and was because the engine was not designed to take it - I held my tongue of course, but really whats the problem VW has with biodiesel?

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Stealing from the competing forum here but why not?  Read in full some of the information needs to be truthed out.

Dennis Froelich:
Looks good!! What are your plans for it?

It looks great!


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