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What did I just buy?


I just bought a 96 B4 TDI.  I thought it was just like my 97 B4 TDI.  My old car was built in 10/96.  The one I just bought was built in 12/95.  I couldn't really pass it up because of the low miles: 150K and the relative parts bonanza within.  It had been sitting for years.  I thought it was a 1Z like my car.  I noticed it has a solenoid cutoff on the back of the pump like an old mechanical pump.  It had a T fitting on the fuel return, and the one end went to some  to some type of electric controlled valve. It had 6+ gallons of the gauge but would not hit.  We used a vacuum pump to pull some air out of the pump.  Still no good.  Out of desperation, I held a wire between B+ and the solenoid on the pump and shazaam.  So it ran and I paid the guy $900 for a sideswiped B4.  I really wanted the engine and trans as I am now at 336K miles, I figure I can use it within a year or 2.  Now I did some research and find it may have a different ECU.  The pump is def slightly different, but electronic.  Can anyone expound?   Thanks

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So the 12/95 B4 has a 12/97 typical ECU.  I am in process of stripping it down.  It has 3 Borbet 14" 5 spokes...


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