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1991 Jetta Turbo Diesel swap with hood stack

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Hey guys here's my Jetta it's got a 1.6td swapped in. Hood stack straight off the turbo. Fuel screw is turned in a bit and I got a boost gauge and the "pimp your glow plugs" button. Soon to have the gas tach working with it. She rolls coal all day  ;)

This is her with the headlight conversion and summer rims that I'm about to put back on her.

That's sweet, I want to do that but I'm not sure how long I'd go before getting pulled over. Where are you located? Is it legal where you are.

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I'm in Alberta Canada and haven't been pulled over yet but if so I'll throw a 2.5in through the whole thing. Nobody seems to care here tho

This is freaking DOPE. I"ve been thinking about putting in a stack on the caddy but instead of having it come out from behind the cab, I was thinking about having it come out at the tailgate. Like just a couple inches higher than the tailgate itself.

Putting a pipe behind the tailgate???? 

How are you going to open it then?


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