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December 21, 2015, 10:55:27 am


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Flying Caddy
« on: December 21, 2015, 10:55:27 am »
    Drove my little Caddy from Prince George, VA to Westminster SC, which Google list as 6 h 22 min (426.1 mi) via I-85.  Filled fuel before I left, and plenty remaining when I got there both ways.  One rest stop, and both trips down and back were 6 hours or less.   I cannot make this good of time in my Volvo, but I always can in the little truck.  The key is getting around those cruise control, won't yield left lane lazy people. With the Volvo, timing is everything, powerful car, but larger.  With the Caddy, signal and go, all the power you can ever ask for, all at 40MPG or higher.
    Have you ever had someone, who decides for whatever reason, you simply are not going to pass them.  I had one on the return trip, about 8:30 pm, in Charlotte NC area.  Three lane highway, left lane, I came up, (they no yield), I signaled right, went to move in center lane, and they move (no signal), I signaled left, and they moved left (no signal).  OK, I got in the turbo, and went around that car like they were sitting still.  Lord forgive me for pointing out in my head they had an enlarged sphincter orifice, but seriously, there was no cause for that.  Like they could really block me.  Laughable. 
    Last month, I installed 2014 VW Beetle heated/Cooled seats.  It is amazing the difference in comfort on a trip like this.  Also I installed Dynamat.  Floor is done.  Still need to do the doors and remove headliner, seats and do that.  Can really tell the difference.  I have all the window channel and seals from MK1 Warehouse, but want to install that after my little Caddy is painted.  So far, the Dynamat really makes the heat better and the AC better.  It is a bit expensive, but worth it.  Driving with the windows up is nice in one of these little trucks. 
    I could rant on and on about Left Lane Lazy selfish people, but it will not change a thing.  There was a comedian named Ron White who so eloquently summed it up.  You can't fix stupid.   So we cannot change them, but we can pass them.