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Hey guys I have 2 turbos here I'm thinking about doing a little compound turbo system to a m alh tdi. I know there's some people on here that can help see if these turbos will work. The small primary turbo will be a fix open blade gt1749v meaning the vnt will be in the open position. Second low pressure turbo that I have is a Garrett t3 60trim off a 300zx. Looking at both seems to be ok set up but idk if the 60trim is to big for the little system. I will be running stock fueling with 520 injectors just want it to be diffrent looking for 220 hp. And the short block is a pd 100 with ALH pistons.

Link to small turbos compressor map: http://www.turbomaster.info/eng/applications/778445-0001.php

Link to big turbos map: http://www.not2fast.com/turbo/maps/all.html . It's the Garrett t3 60 trim not super 60.

I think you'll find that with vanes full open the 1749v will be quite laggy and not particularly suitable as a 'small turbo'. 

Really i would never think that. How dose it spool with them open. And I wanted to open them so it dosnt over speed. I would think it should spool fast for how small it is. But only ran one on a 1.6 and it spoold fast but that was the only turbo I had on it. And I live in co

Full open it spools slower than a stock 1.6TD T3 or K24.

What would be better for a high pressure turbo.


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