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T 25 1.6 td slow hill climb

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Hi this is my first pos so probably in the wrong place but here is the problem.
I have changed the fuel lines as there were bubbles in the deisel and the fuel and oil filter which improved the situation, but its still strugling on hills and send out black smoke not too much but its there. I think it's a Turbo problem. Any ideas as to how I can sort this out? ???

Black smoke usually means you have fuel.

It is a diesel, black smoke is somewhat normal, you can adjust the fuel if that is all it is. Also, if this is the first one you have owned, it is not a gas car and if you are taking a hill in top gear at 35 you just need to downshift and it will go away.

If you suspect turbo take the intake boot off and try to see if you get wiggle in the shaft. If you do have in and out play then I would take a really good look at the turbo or send it out for inpection/rebuild.

I'd tee into the boost line to the injection pump with a long line to a boost gauge in the cabin. See if the turbo makes boost on a steep hill.

Low boost will likely result in sooty smoke. ~10psig is normal.

And as noted above, heavy loading or lugging the engine can result in some sooty smoke.

the caveman:
try to go downhill more ? ( sorry)


--- Quote from: the caveman on May 23, 2015, 11:24:31 am ---try to go downhill more ? ( sorry)

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I unfortunately thought that this was quite funny


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