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AHU P/S Delete Pulley Assy

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I'm not 100% certain because I've never tried it but couldn't a person use an AEB 20V passat's waterpump pulley and belt? Not tensioner required, but I will say that the part linked about looks like a nice chunk of work.

I haven't dealt with the AEB, but in looking it up it appears to be a v-belt split pulley design much like the quantum one that I posted.  The offset does not look correct, though, for the v-belt pulley on the AHU.  I know the quantum one is correct as I've had it working on my '83 AHU equipped vanagon for several years (4?) without issue.  If the quantum pulley becomes NLA, it looks like the AEB one coule be shimmed out easily enough and is a very nice fallback.  Thanks for the info. 

Here are some pics I have from a motor build a few years back hopefully they will help somebody in a similar bind:

I would definitely prefer the Quantum/Audi pulley over that setup.  In the pictured AEB setup, the water pump (the only critical component) is relying on the proper function of all the other accessories, serp tensioner, idler and the water pump belt itself.  With the Quantum setup, the water pump is driven by the crank on its own dedicated belt which means that all of the non-critical accessory components and serp belt/tensioner can fail and you can continue to motor on indefinitely without risk to the engine. 


--- Quote from: vanbcguy on February 12, 2015, 05:50:46 pm ---
If you don't want either AC or PS then the ABA pulley works fine...

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So I have an AHU that was fitted with a P/S and A/C. I only need the water pump and alternator. What is the ABA fix? Is there other accessory bracketing that will work ... This is going into a Vanagon /T3.



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