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New Kit available


Why would you want an unnecessary idler?  It's easier, more reliable and less expensive to eliminate the pump and do the necessary pulley swap to run without it.

The kit is for the specific scenario of wanting AC but no PS. 

If you don't want either AC or PS then the ABA pulley works fine, if you want no AC but you DO want PS then you run the PS pump on its own belt with the ABA pulley.  If you want AC but no PS you're SOL since you can't use the ABA pulley and still drive the AC compressor with the serpentine belt, and there's no way to tension the water pump v-belt without something in the PS pump location.

I have an AHU with A/C and no PS in my '83 vanagon and I like my setup a lot better than having an additional idler that can fail and stop the running of my critical water pump.  The 1.6TD Quantum and Audi 4000 came with a water pump pulley that has the correct offset (when flipped around) and also is a split pulley design with shims for belt tension adjustment.  It is still available new from VW as are the shims.  I've posted the part #s before for all the parts but I'm too lazy to look them up again.  The end result is the serp belt runs the alt and A/C compressor and the water pump is run by its own dedicated v-belt.

Found my post with part #s:

--- Quote from: libbydiesel on April 21, 2013, 06:17:07 pm ---What would make adding a custom idler and correctly sized ribbed belt easier or better than the stock bolt-on quantum water pump pulley?  The Q pulley is part number 068121029A, the shims are 068121185B (4 or 5 will suffice) and the belt is 10x650.  The pulley is still available new from VW for $60ish and the shims are less than $2 each.   

--- End quote ---


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