Author Topic: 2000 Malibu vacuum lines  (Read 7912 times)

December 31, 2014, 03:22:35 pm


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2000 Malibu vacuum lines
« on: December 31, 2014, 03:22:35 pm »
I've recently acquired a 2000 Malibu with the 3.1l engine in it. It's failing emissions. I was looking in the engine bay and found a vacuum solenoid that isn't hooked up and it actually appears to be a duplicate of the purge valve. It also looks like I'm missing a whole pile of vacuum lines and solenoids.

According to this picture on my strut tower, I am missing the check valve and everything after it. Instead of going to a check valve that line runs into the wiring harness which I am assuming goes into the cabin for the heater controls. What's going on here?

This is the extra solenoid (purge valve?) that I found behind the coil packs. It's identical to the purge valve. I don't know if this an air control valve or if the last mechanic just got confused.

These are the wires that are plugged into said valve. They are brown and brown/black.

Here is where the wires come out of the main wiring harness. It's right behind the coil packs. It is also where the wire to the alternator splits off. Where is this wire suppose to be plugged into that is currently in the duplicate purge valve?

A mechanic did replace the intake manifold gaskets some time ago and I'm thinking that's when the troubles started but I really have no idea.