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December 16, 2014, 04:39:21 pm


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Vacuum pump leak
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I have an Mk4, 5 speed TDI jetta with 240K miles on it. I recently replaced the vacuum pump seals because i noticed it had been leaking oil. After i replaced the seals and put the pump back together and reinstalled it, everything seemed fine until i test drove the car and realized that my break pedal was stiff and didn't really stop the car until i really pushed on it. I'm assuming i have a vacuum leak some where because it doesn't seem like the break booster is working at all. I did notice that once i get to about 2k or 3k rpms that the break booster will work momentarily but will stop if i have to break for longer than 2 seconds. Does anyone have any advise as to where the leak may be coming from or the best way to check for a vacuum leak? I have read that the leak could be coming from the nipple coming off of the pump itself if it is loose, which mine is a little loose but i plan on applying some JB weld to it and see if that helps it any.
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