Author Topic: Mk4 Jetta Master Window Switch Fix  (Read 3544 times)

October 29, 2014, 08:28:36 pm


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Mk4 Jetta Master Window Switch Fix
« on: October 29, 2014, 08:28:36 pm »
I know that the aftermarket master switches are very inexpensive ($15 or so) and so, taking the time may not be worth it, but I'd often rather fix something than send it to the landfill.

For the master switch (driver's side), the front window switches have 5 positions each; at rest, momentary DOWN (1st position down), all the way down, momentary UP and all the way up.  On my '02 the momentary DOWN and momentary UP positions were not working properly.  When you pushed down to the first position, nothing happened.  If you pushed all the way down, it would roll the window down, but would not stop rolling down when you lifted off the button.  If you worked it just right, pressing just slightly harder than the first position, but not all the way down, you could get the momentary action that it should have, but that was a challenge.  It made partially open positions hard to achieve. 

I pulled out the switch and took it apart.  It's really easy to remove (google is your friend on that) and once removed, is very easy to take apart.  There are seven screws on the back of the switch (one hiding under the sticker).  Once the screws are removed, you need to pry at each of the four side catch locations and then the switch comes apart.  Keep it upside down while taking it apart or lots of little plastic bits fall out.  They aren't a big deal to put back, though, if you do make the mistake of tipping the switch right side up.  At that point, the silicone rubber-like part peels off.  Clean the various contacts lightly.  I used Peavey Funkout and a little scotchbrite lightly.  De-Oxit would also work in the same way.  I then put it back together.  It was better, but the driver's side momentary operation was still slightly inconsistent.  I took it back apart and cut small 'shims' from a sticker (thanks American Heart Association) so that they fit right into the top of the 4 places where the switch pushes on the silicone rubber pad for the driver's front window.  I reassembled and it works as it should.  It was a 1/2 hr repair.  Next time would be 15 minutes.