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ALH TDI ticking noise

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 Got an 01 vw jetta that has been making this ticking noise for a pretty good while. It has 300k and is a manual with good and equal compression on all cylinders. Just did timing belt etc and put in new cam followers and recently new injectors. Ticked before and still ticks now, any ideas? www youtube com/watch?v=fVQ1kJf8YNg&app=desktop   (replace spaces with periods)

Thanks, Ben

That sounds terrible.  My best guesses would be piston/valve contact or a broken piston.

One thing I've always been concerned with when people post videos of engines running is just how true is the sound quality; so many people post videos from smartphones now, and the microphones on all of them are mediocre at best if you're after quality sound reproduction. An application like this, diagnosing an engine noise, would benefit from the highest quality microphone one could reasonably use--anything less might lead to misdiagnosis.

You mentioned that the compression was equal on all cylinders; just out of curiosity what were the actual numbers?

How well does it start and respond to throttle? Is there smoke?

Did you watch the video?  The sound quality isn't great.  You can definitely hear compression on it, but that doesn't matter.  The noise is unmistakable.  I would say that it is lifters, injectors, piston/valve contact or a bad piston.  He says the lifters and injectors were already replaced with no change. 

Is there a reason you put spaces on the video instead of linking directly?

To me it sounds like an intake or exhaust leak near the head.

Did you use quality parts or did they come from North Carolina?


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