Author Topic: 2.5 tdi 5 cyl mecanical  (Read 10893 times)

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2.5 tdi 5 cyl mecanical
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Yeah, Simon I think has the fastest TDI powered car anywhere right now- he's over the 250 hp mark, and in his A2 race car is close to 12 seconds in the 1/4 mile.  He could probably provide you with a pump that's not quite so "race ready" for a little less.

Caddy has been able to locate a lot of pumps that would probably work with a mechanical TDI setup, him being "across the pond" helps with selection a lot more than what we can find in the States.

Also, the pump from a Cummins 4BT will work, but will need govenor tweaking (among other things) to overcome the 2700 rpm or so rev limit.  :P

Hopefully I'll be undertaking a similar project for my Rocco within the next year or so.

That Peugeot pump sounds like it could be promising...

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Aloha & thanks!   Will be e-mailing Simon to see what he would recommend for my set up.   Yeah, from other threads on the TDI club, I hear Simon is pumping out alot of hp from his TDI powered race car.  I would be "VERY" happy if I could get 130-150 reliable hp. from a mechanical TDI set up.   Since my application or interest is for a 65% street & 35% trail rig,  I am more so looking to gaining higher torque figuires in the  lower to -mid range.    

 If I can get the straight scoops on the pump, turbo, etc.   From what I understand, gotta use a waist gate turbo like a GT series(20 or 22) or T25R/T28R turbo, since the VNT turbos need the electronics to operate properly.  Yeah, but what size, which one???? would be best to match the stock vnt or better yet an upgrade model to gain performance without getting into the internals.

 Hey, just wondering why this forum seems so dead. :?   Did everybody migrate to some where else(TDI Club)  Also, notice on the TDI club some members add links that lead back to older post over here.   Can't seem to find them anywhere here, are trhey archived some place else? :?

Anyway, thanks once again, aloha!     ....renny
aloha!   ....renny

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2.5 tdi 5 cyl mecanical
« Reply #17 on: January 10, 2005, 10:56:56 am »
the engine is running now!!!

but the van can't , i need newest hose for the steering system.
the steering pump is not on same place in 2.5tdi. :cry:

the vw dealer tell me that cost is 300 eur for the two hose i need!!!

may be lnext month if i can buy it.... :cry:

ps: some of this board send me mail about it, i answer them soon, don't worry.