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Add "W" terminal wire to Bosch/Valeo serp-belt TDI alternator

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--- Quote from: GEE-BEE on May 08, 2014, 10:29:59 am ---
They offer powdercoated housings also for 45.00 in any color

--- End quote ---

This would be nice... All my AL components look like absolute crap.



I added this picture as I have an older 1Z/AHU alternator with the back plastic off and I removed brushes as I will likely replace them.  I cannot tell with this one if a set (these stand upright towards the camera) is connecting to the diode.  Is there a trick to telling what does and what does not?

Are the center ones part of the diodes?  Can a person use a ohm meter to test connectivity to them?

I saw on another site (4 x4 of some kind) had a picture quite similar and connected a wire to one of the six and his worked.  I'm assuming like the one above it matters which of the six.  do I need to take it apart further to see which are which?


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