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Add "W" terminal wire to Bosch/Valeo serp-belt TDI alternator

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Thanks Libby, sounds like a better option for a mTDI setup would be using the AL0184X with the W terminal. That way there's no prying off the plastic back and soldering a wire to a stock TDI alternator.

--- Quote from: libbydiesel on January 22, 2016, 09:20:21 am ---There is an adjustment pot in the circuit of each of the tachs back to mk1.

--- End quote ---

Swapping a 1.6 TD JX for a 1.9 mTDI AFN in a '91 Syncro Doka.

The bright shiny new Bosch Alternator Model No. AL0723X that came with the AFN does not have an explicitly W signal, rather B+, D+ and finally DF. I have seen pics above of the AL0184X where the W connection is exactly where the 0723X places the DF in a two pin connector. When looking at AHU wiring schematics it appears the DF signal is effectively equivalent to the W but that's a simplified schematic and is without looking at the alternator internals or the mfr's internal schematic. Does anyone know if the connecting the JX's W wire to the alternator's DF terminal will accomplish the tach signal objective? I don't want to void the warranty on the new alternator by making the above mods.

The AHU alternators I have used have had the W terminal as a marked connection.  I have not used an AFN alt. 

Check your brushes and if not, see maybe where the cable does not connect at the alternator, how it connects


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