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Michigan state police don't like black smoke

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Bastards. Sorry.

I unintentionally smoked out a commercial vehicle inspection officer the day after I got Jezzie.  She was running REALLY smoky at the time.  The officer (a real legit RCMP officer) gave me an inspection ticket which resulted in about $500 worth of repairs - nothing engine related, but tie rods, backup lights, a few other things.  All stuff that needed to be done but still a bunch of cash I would rather not have spent at the time.

air-cooled or diesel:

--- Quote from: Dean Erickson on June 02, 2013, 08:52:35 pm --- He did give her a fix it ticket for the small crack in the windshield.

--- End quote ---
leave it to the cops to waste your time; and taxpayers (time&$) too.

air-cooled or diesel:
I get pulled over all the time as I don't have an inspection sticker, and am usually loaded too. I had to wait for the judge in court one time , he was like bye. I have to carry an exempt paper now just so I don't have to do much explaining, or get a ticket. man I hate waiting for judge to call me up After getting cleared, it was never this way before.

Yeah, I got one too..
I pulled out of this intersection quite "spirited" not seeing the the officer sitting in the parking lot maybe 200 ft down the road. Well I pored some serious smoke at that time, I never exceeded the speed limit just got there quick with a cloud of death behind me. When I actually noticed him it was too late and I ended up just laughing really hard as I strolled by making eye contact. Needless to say he came out..with his lights on. When I pulled over he came up and did the whole "licence and registration", while I was getting them out he continued with why doesn't this car have an emission sticker, well officer it's a diesel... So? Son you still need one.. no officer, I'm sorry I don't. I live in Berks county and I'm emissions exempt.... Kinda just stared at me and said he would be right back... 20 mins later came back eyeing up the car, looking for something get me for. Well he noticed that my passenger windshield wiper was missing because it broke, well I pulled you over because I seen that your missing a wiper blade... Well officer it broke and I still have the drivers side and does the job, I meant to fix it just haven't got the time to purchase one and install it. Well I'm gonna have to give you a situation for that and that your exhaust doesn't completely exit from under the car. (It was a side exit and was maybe 2inch still under the car. Whatever)
So I ended up getting a 70 dollar fine. He said something about how he didn't think my car was running good because I had left a big cloud of smoke. No officer it runs good it's a diesel. And it was left at that.


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