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Michigan state police don't like black smoke

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Dean Erickson:
So my wife took the Rabbit truck to town for groceries, When she pulled out on old us 131 she was getting after the truck to get it going. That equals black smoke. Well there was a Michigan state troper coming up from behind her and didn't like the black smoke coming from the truck, he said he couldn't see the tailgate. He came up and said all that smokes not normal and she should have it looked at. lol. It's not all that bad they just aren't use to seeing an old diesel rabbit runing around here. He did give her a fix it ticket for the small crack in the windshield.

And I don't expect that trying to explain it is a diesel officer would have helped in the least.  WHY NOT.  They are MSP and that is all you need to know.

Had a policeman pull me over because my "turbo" diesel sounded too "tinny" (boost opening the wastegate) and the exhaust must be broken in some way or form..

I was like sir, it is turbocharged and diesel.. its going to be loud no matter what.

He replied with, I know diesel engines (yeah right) and this does not sound like your average diesel engine..


745 turbogreasel:
I guess it's the same here, CHP saw me in the Volvo TD hot dogging int at a light, stopped me and told me I was smoking, and should  stop by an emission station.
I'm not too proud  to keep my mouth shut...


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