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The Official Exhaust Note Thread!

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Alright everyone it's time to hear those clattering, rumbling, whistly, soot bellowing Volkswagen BEASTS!

Post up a video of your current exhaust set up. This will serve both as a chance to show off your awesome custom exhaust set up, and a reference point for others who are looking for a similar sound. Try to take it with the highest quality device you have at your disposal to make it as true to life as possible. The ONLY replies to this thread should contain a video with an exhaust tone and information about your set up.

Copy and Paste the following format to your post:

Embedded Video (preferably YouTube)

Exhaust Size:
Additional Information:

Additional information should be used to add information about your car that could affect the sound. I.E. Type of Turbo, Type of Intake system, wastegate settings, those sweet Hella Horns you wired up to your boost gauge (lol) Etc.

I'll update this with my video tomorrow but for now your post should look something like this:

Car: 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit L
Engine: 1.6TD (Running N/A for now)
Exhaust Size: 1.5" (I think... Stock)
Mufflers/Resonators: Stock
Additional Information: Rusty Exhaust, probably holes. No Intake Piping  :-\

My video - Yes, it does sound a 8v71 Detroit ;)

Car: 1984 Jetta 4door
Engine: 1991 1.6 N/A
Exhaust Size: 1.75"
Mufflers/Resonators: Cherry Bomb Glasspack
Additional Information: Cherry Bomb was the only "muffler", intake was 3" from in front of rad to the intake manifold (CAI), Governor MOD, 1st gear idle/stop to about 5500.

Smokey Start-up

Car: 1982 Rabbit Pickup
Engine: 1.5L N/A
Exhaust Size: 2.25"
Mufflers/Resonators: none
Additional Information: This was the preparation for the TD swap. It now has a 1.9, and is much quieter. I'll post a recent video soon.

0-70km/h pull in 2nd

Car: 1982 Rabbit Pickup
Engine: 1.9L TD
Exhaust Size: 2.25"
Mufflers/Resonators: K14 and a Glass-pack.
Additional Information: Post AAZ swap. This was done by holding a phone out the back window with one hand steering with the other. It was on an empty piece of road with no cars or people around (or for legal purposes, a closed course). Not the quickest truck right now, but still puts a smile on my face. Flapper is pinned open because it rattles louder than my exhaust note.

Nothing to contribute yet - but a GREAT idea!!!

Edited by 8v. When the time comes, use this space to do the video by editing ;) It's like a reservation haha.

Car: 1983 mk1 Rabbit LS
Engine: 1.6TD MF code
Exhaust Size: 2.5" Turbo back
Mufflers/Resonators: Whats that?? ;D
Additional Information: Me just ripping through the gears acting like a sausage just to show my dad the car for the first time. Car has a nice big intake in the rain tray, intercooled and a using a k24 turbo.


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