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1.9aaz moded to TDI in a Jeep.

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1.9aaz moded to TDI in a Jeep Wrangler CJ...

This will be my next project I think. I will get my jetta done first, but after and possilbly during I want to build a jeep for the wife. I have never been a jeep guy ever since my first car which was a CJ5 underneath welded onto a 74 super beetle up top. The 258 straight 6 was horrible.

At any rate, if any of you guys are jeep guys too, what jeeps should I start to look for? Probably will be a mall crawler as it is for the wife so it won't have huge tires on it, 33" at best. Ideally I want to find one that is rolling, blown up, and cheap. I just don't know about Jeeps other than I never liked them when I wheeled a lot. Seemed like driveshaft eating things. The axles weren't up to par either, but as stated this will be a female driven unit. Let me know what you guys that wheel jeeps prefer as what years, what to avoid, etc. I do have a set of puny dana 44s from a bronco that I could sub for the 35s or whatever those jeeps have. My 44 have 4.56 gears in them so I would need to know what trans ratios the jeeps have that would be desirable. I think acme makes adaptors, but I will make one if I cannot buy one. I will start searching soon for this info myself...it isn't like I cannot find the info, but I figured I would ask here first to get a head start and let you guys share knowledge if you have it.

Plan for the engine is MTDI AHU style with my AAZ bottom end. Huge nozzles and either my VNT 15 or the bigger VNT 2256 if it doesn't make it onto the 1.6 someday.

745 turbogreasel:
CJ5 or earlier will be way lighter and less complicated to convert.

If you hate Jeeps so much, why don't you just put the VW engine in a Samurai like everybody does?

I've probably owned a dozen different 4x4s. The Wrangler TJ Jeeps with coil springs are much more comfortable than the CJ series, followed by the Wrangler YJ (the square headlight ones). A CJ is probably one of the least comfortable vehicles out there and they aren't all that easy to drive if you aren't used to that kind of vehicle. They look so cool though. The fuel injection on a Wrangler would make the electronics something to contend with (get rid of) but the earlier ones, before 1991 I think, were carbureted and had things like a mechanical speedometer and gauges so those would be more suitable for a diesel swap.

Here's what I would do. Mercedes Benz. OM617. NV3500 or AX15 trans (that's the 5 speed that came in a Cherokee). I really, really want to put this combination in a CJ. I don't think it would be too challenging. An adapter exists to couple these together. I think that engine would be much more suited to this kind of vehicle.

I am considering putting an eco 1.6 in my toyota 4runner, but I daily drive it and Im not sure I will be ok with the lost power, but i also have 20 forward gears and 4 reverse gears, so Im sure I can HANDLE the lack of power in exchange for some good mileage burning whatever waste oil I can find

I think the jeep will be cool with a 1.9tdi

Main reason I wouldn't do the sami is the wife doesn't like sami's she likes jeeps. She used to have a wrangler back in the day is why. That and I know even less about the sami platform.

I do not know anything about mercedes OM617 or how to mod them. I just did a quick search on ebay and the only one I found was 1,200 dollars plus freight, so I think I will stick to the M TDI plan. If one could be had cheaper I would go that route as the extra displacement would be nice. I would still have to learn, but for 1,000 dollars or more I can build a great running TDI out of what I have.

She won't mind the comfort deal as we have newer cars for that. She loves my old Bronco and it is 100% off road with 38.5x16.5 R15 and it doesn't ride well. But the big thing here is it will be a fun toy that she drives once in a while. If it is worthy maybe it would see the mud, but I doubt it.


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