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BOSCH VE Mechanical Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Adjustments & Components

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This is to clarify where some of the components are, and how to adjust your pump..

Below Pictured is the non turbo no altitude compensating pump

The major difference between this, and the turbo/altitude compensating pumps is the addition of the "LDA" on top as pictured below

The most common asked question is usually about turning the fuel up or down.. Adjusting the smoke screw so to speak..  This adjustment is pictured below..  If your pump has never been tampered with there will be a steel collar crimped over the threads..  Remove that collar by some manner and loosen the 10mm jamb nut.. Best method on the car is trial and error, typically a quarter turn at a time.. When you get close you may need to use eighth of a turn increments.. But this can vary pump to pump pending on wear and such..

 Turning the screw clockwise increases the fuel injected over the entire rpm range.. Turning the screw counter clock wise reduces the fuel.. Keep in mind that when increasing the fuel you may need to decrease the idle, and when decreasing the fuel you may need to increase the idle..

Idle adjustment is pictured below, it's the screw closest the engine.. The screw that is further away from the engine is the max RPM adjusting screw.. Both of these adjustments are pretty self explanatory.

Nice diagrams.

IN this thread the mounting points for the pump are shown as well as some of the timing procedure...  For reference, to advance the pump timing turn it in the opposite direction of engine rotation (top of the pump towards the valve cover)  To retard the timing turn the pump the same direction as engine rotation (top of the pump away from the valve cover)

For your guys with the turbo pump, the screw on top of the LDA as shown here should be adjusted as follows

--- Quote from: Luckypabst on November 09, 2011, 10:44:53 pm ---LDA screw allows you to tune the initial position of the boost pin. In order to see the full range of LDA enrichment, you want the follower pin resting on the largest diameter of the taper at zero boost without also contacting the step adjacent to the ramp.

--- End quote ---

WRT to the idle adjustment... 109 style pumps (later 1.6s, all AAZs) have a different setup.  The idle screw identified in the diagram is actually called the "residual fuel screw" on the 109 pumps.  It has some impact on idle but overall if your throttle lever is set with that screw actually affecting idle, it needs adjustment.  There is an additional overall idle screw, fast idle max RPM and "regular" idle min RPM screw that need to be adjusted to set the idle speed.

This is also helpful if buying a bosch DGK-126 kit to reseal.

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