Author Topic: One Piece Integral Thrust Bearing VS Factory Style Thrust Bearing  (Read 5202 times)

February 26, 2011, 11:50:27 pm


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This has been touched on here many times, in this post I'd like to clarify why the factory style multiple piece thrust bearing is better than the integral once piece dealies..   I've always heard about this myself but finally took the time to ask exactly why this is..  Thank you Vince for explaining...

I'm seeing tons and tons of bearings for these up for sale out on the web, some through ebay, some though import part dealers..  But the vast majority are the one piece style.. (All of them on Ebay have been)  

It all comes down to surface area, the one piece bearing has less surface area contacting the crank.  Because of this a groove wears into the crank surface, and the bearing itself is worn down much faster.. Once there is a groove worn into the crank, it's junk..  This wear can occur quickly.. Especially with a manual trans in a lot of stop and go traffic..  Every time you push the clutch, the crank is being pressed against these thrust surfaces...  Nathan_B (a supporter of this forum) has the proper bearings available for those doing a rebuild...

In pictures, cuz pictures are good...

Above is the one piece bearing, below is one of the pieces of the factory style..

This is the one piece bearing installed in a main cap..  Note the gap where the arrow points.

This is the factory style installed in a main cap..  Note there is no gap..

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