Author Topic: KYB gas-a-just on a rabbit.  (Read 1079 times)

October 04, 2010, 01:42:42 am


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KYB gas-a-just on a rabbit.
« on: October 04, 2010, 01:42:42 am »
So I finally got around to installing them yesterday, took about an hour outside on the ground with the tire jack and a handful of tools.

The ride is pretty stiff but I doubt it's as stiff as on the caddy according to this:

Keep in mind I've never drove a car with a high dollar suspension setup, just regular stuff so when I say stiff I don't mean spine jamming solidness, by soft I don't mean it's like a buick lesabre either.

I have worn-out-but-not-totally-shot napa oil struts on the front with mk2 springs minus 1.5 coils, the rear is variable rate springs.

On potholed gravel roads at 15-30 mph the front softens potholes a little better than the rear, when the front hits it kinda bounces (I'm not a fan of bouncy rides) so it doesn't jolt stuff then when the rear hits the pothole there's a pretty good thud and jolt, much stiffer.

On the highway the front is waay too bouncy, constantly hits the bottom on every frostheave on the road. The rear is firm and stable, no bouncing or weirdness. I like.

I did some fast driving on unimproved trails and I think the fronts are officially shot enough to change now so I'm waiting for my new strut mount bolts to get here and then I'll put the bilsteins on and give a report on that, hopefully the bilsteins and KYBs are a good match.

'82 Rabbit, I put on a euro vnt-15, 2.25" DP, 2.5" exhaust, the whistled.

I removed the turbo, made a toilet bowl 2.5" DP, the was deafening. Now it has a homemade muffler up front and a thrush in the rear, the result.....less loud.