Author Topic: WTT: 98 GTI 2.0l 16v Conv. BBM Stg. 3 S/C + More  (Read 2550 times)

October 16, 2008, 12:12:44 am


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WTT: 98 GTI 2.0l 16v Conv. BBM Stg. 3 S/C + More
« on: October 16, 2008, 12:12:44 am »
Im looking to trade my mostly completed 98 GTI 2.0l w/16v head conversion fed by a Stage 3 BBM supercharger.

I bought the car in the begining of 06 with the bbm charger, h&r cup kit, stainless steel TT catback, and a few other mods. Since then ive installed stg. 2 bbm kit... about 2 years ago I pulled the motor/trans and tore the motor down to the block and inspected everything, installed new gaskets and performed the 16v conversion. Also installed a rebuilt tranny with a bolt kit. On top of the 16v conversion there has been a list of other accesories installed, some of which includde, bbm 8mm wires, intercooled w/3" tubing, 3"MAF, mic. billit parts, upgraded 1.8t div. valve, 22psi pulley, Stg. 3 ecu software from bbm, new drilled/sloted front rotors/pads, also has drilled/slotted in rear, TT 4-2-1 header, ACT stg. 1 clutch kit w/lighted flywheel and a list of other mods.

The downside. the car runs/drives. I have since lost the heart to finish the project. The car needs minor work to be complete. the front bumper has to be cut out to fit over the front mount intercooler, a wire on the speed sensor (chassis harness side) has to be repaired (speedo inop), there is 2 90 degree silicone intercooler elbows that have to be replaced (they were not made to be ran under vac., only were made for boost) so they suck down when at idle, plus a few other things need to just be buttoned up. I have drove the car around my driveway and down the road once as it sits right now, but it has a very hard time learning idle as the elbows keep sucking down. On the little bit of test drive that i did, the car pulled very well.

I am really interested to trade this car for a diesel, as my commute to work is killing me on gas prices, and my current commuter has seen its better days and is prob. going to let go on me soon. Also im short on money so I would rather do some type of trade.

Right now, I am more or less looking to see if anyone is interested in this type of trade, just let me know if you are interested and what you have to offer and i will gladly write up  more extensive details about my car.

Here are a couple older pics.. and a couple of the build process..

Shortly after buying back in 06

I am located in Fond du Lac, Wi. The car is located in Oshkosh Wi.

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WTT: 98 GTI 2.0l 16v Conv. BBM Stg. 3 S/C + More
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2008, 01:05:52 am »
i got an 81 2door rabbit i guess i could trade for that gas hog :?
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WTT: 98 GTI 2.0l 16v Conv. BBM Stg. 3 S/C + More
« Reply #2 on: October 16, 2008, 05:14:53 pm »
where do you live....>im in toronto an I have a few diesels running that id be in for a closer look at that thing...

pm or send an email [email protected]