Author Topic: AAZ Choke Lever Question  (Read 6401 times)

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Re: AAZ Choke Lever Question
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The CS means "cold start" not choke. Gas cars have chokes - restricted air to richen fuel mix. Diesels take 100% air volume that the engine choke.

Cold Start Lever is a TIMING ADVANCE (6*)

and not in any way a choke..
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Re: AAZ Choke Lever Question
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The reason the cold start is easier to pull at some times rather than others is because it advances the timing by rotating the camplate rollers.  If the camplate is positioned so that the pump is right before or during one of the pressure strokes of the plunger, then by pulling the cold start lever, you will be also pushing the plunger on it's stroke and compressing the plunger return springs.  The cold start should also be noticeably easier to pull when the engine is running because the internal pressure of the pump pushes the timing advance piston in the same direction that the cold start pushes it.

Make sense. So it looks like the best thing to do when starting is to pull the lever as you first turn the ignition key so it pulls without stressing the cable and mechanical links.
Good to know.  :)
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Re: AAZ Choke Lever Question
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Best is actually to pull it before shutdown.  You can actually rev it up a little and it should have almost no resistance.  Second best is pulling while cranking.