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The reasoning behind linking it to a thread is so people don't send me requests asking to leave feedback for a person when all that person did was provide them with some good advice, or they "just seem like a good person."


Def. a good idea. I was just explaining why some of us may have not "gotten" there yet. I'll admit, at the moment..I'm lazy! Boy, wait til summer comes and I don't want to be around the computer!


Thanks for the positive feedback Joe. I haven't heard much either way so it's nice to know what other people think of it. I know it isn't perfect.

Tyler, and moderators,
how do we want to handle those that have got bad feedback!
for example FWD.MOTION aka. Baselyne witch i see has a thumb down with foot note that he has not shipped something!
should he want to redeem himself and make things right someday?

a 3rd person to make sure that the transaction was made satisfactory ?
a written apology to the person perpetrated on publicly here on forum?
a 3rd person to assist on confirming his sales and proof of shipping?
maybe have him give a deposit to someone to hold? and if he complete's 5 sales with good feedback gets his deposit back in good faith?  

any sugestions
thanks Duane

public tar & feathering???  :lol:


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