Diesel Swaps


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[1] 82 Diesel Rabbit with Seized Engine

[2] NEEDED - Pics of stock or nearly stock engine, pulleys, at. mounts, etc.

[3] North American Subaru EE20Z Diesel Swap?

[4] adapting a 1.6 na or td to a newer body while refreshing the original motor.

[5] 1.9aaz moded to TDI in a Jeep.

[6] (HELP) Mint Low Mile 1987 S10 Blazer 4X4 ALH conversion.

[7] Glow Plug Harness Connections - JX to AHU swap

[8] Golf MK2 m-TDI Swap

[9] VW T3/Vanagon 1.6D/TD to AHU TDI Clutch


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